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Mon+amour international

Latest news from Midi:nette--

"Mon+amour international
Mana Official Eternal Society

Mana invites you to Mon+amour...

Mon+amour, aka Mana Official Eternal Society is an alliance that binds those who share the same aspiration with Mana.

We are pleased to announce that, we will start the international membership service of Mon+amour (Mana's Official Fan Club).
Currently two types of memberships are available.

Platinum Membership
Standard Membership
Join, Come Together and Behold yet another world of Mana !

Online membership application will commence on July 5th, 2004.
Fan Club services will start August, 2004. The first Madousho newsletter
to be sent will be the September 2004 issue.
To join, please visit the below page on or after July 5th:
(Website applications only)

Please note that details are subject to change.
For artist information, contact: mon-amour@midi-nette.com"


I believe the price will be steep.. and for what? Probably some newsletters, a christmas and Mana birthday card, and IF we're lucky.. a limited edition pin. XD
I'm kidding, but how good can the US fanclub get? All the action is in Japan/France, and Mana-sama would never come to our country..

I'm not sure about anyone else, but if it isn't -too- crazily priced ( which it probably will be >.o ) I'll join. I'd probably have to stop eating for about 5 months, but hey, I'd take a limited edition pin any time. ^__^;;

[Cross posted everywhere, if you don't want me to X-post news anymore, please tell me! Don't just ban, please. ;_;]
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